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4 Reasons Seaside Resorts Should Use Wooden Play Equipment

It’s no secret that seaside resorts tend to attract families with younger children, so it only makes sense that each one should invest in some playground equipment to help keep them happy and attract other families. Of course, there are plenty of things you need to consider when you’re picking certain equipment for playgrounds, and one of the most fundamental decisions is what material you want that equipment to be made from.

For seaside resorts, here are just four reasons why wood makes sense.

  1. Doesn’t Overheat

Okay, the United Kingdom doesn’t exactly boast year-round sun, but it’s likely that most people will come when the sun is shining its hardest. Plastic and metal playground equipment can quickly overheat, so children won’t be able to use it comfortably and could even injure themselves on a particularly scorching day. Wood will get warm, but it won’t get hot enough to burn.

  1. Reacts Well with Sea Air

If you live by the sea, you’ll already know just how much damage the moisture and salty air can do to metal, so you probably don’t want metal playground equipment right next to the beach. Plastic is a little better, but plastic structures still tend to use quite a lot of metal fastenings. Wood is your go-to since it doesn’t react with the salt air and can be put together with a minimal number of fasteners.

  1. Fits the Seaside Style

As you browse potential play equipment, you’ll have to keep in mind how that equipment is going to complement or clash with your property. Wood is ideal in this regard since exposed timber tends to fit well with the seaside theme. You’ll find that most designers understand this fact; themed wooden playground sets tend to incorporate more traditional designs, and plenty of them, such as pirate ships, will be ideal for a seaside location.

  1. Can Be Easily Installed

Finally, wooden play structures are often a lot easier to install than wooden ones since beams can be stuck directly into the sand, so you’ll be able to put together a nice little playground without interfering with the natural scenery.