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5 tips to boost your Family’s Income

As a family of travellers we holiday quite frequently. However, increasingly, a number of families around the UK are struggling to keep their financial boats afloat, and for many, there is just too much month left at the end of their money. Not only does this mean that many families can’t afford the luxury of a family holiday. But, according to the insurer AXA, one-in-seven homes with earnings above £30,000 (GBP) feel forced into finding additional income.

So, consider this a family intervention, from mine to yours, where using these top tips you can generate some much needed extra money, enabling those everyday cash-strapped households to enjoy life a little more.

1. Take on a second job

1-in-10 people in employment in the UK now have a second job to boost their household income. A second job, combined with putting in more paid overtime, and working unsociable hours means you can rack up a lot of extra cash, with the latter two tending to have an increase in hourly rates. However, we understand that stamina can be hard to find after working one job and raising a family, so for some people a second job is a faraway solution, which brings us neatly onto point #2.

2. Sell, sell, sell

Car boot sale written on a notepad.

According to the Telegraph, the average home has an estimated £1,000-worth of unused and unwanted goods lying around, things which after being sold could be 6 months worth of food shopping. For anyone looking to offload their unused items, Gumtree and Cash Converters are both great places to start.

Similarly, local Facebook groups and Facebook’s in-app Marketplace appears to be the most popular place for consumers recently, with many people turning to the social media outlet to buy their second-hand goods instead of larger online re-selling sites like eBay. Not to mention selling on Facebook bypasses the 10% fee eBay takes from the total transaction, giving you 100% of the profit..

3. Use your skills

If you’re struggling to find things to sell, and you enjoy being creative, turn your free time into handicrafting sessions. Use your skills and passion to make home-baked goods, handcrafted jewelry, and bespoke artwork. Then, using step #2, you can sell your creations online or to local businesses and hey presto, you have just created a small business.

Similarly, you could set up shop as a freelancer which would enable you, like thousands of others, to earn a living when the time suits you – perfect for juggling your work and personal life. Whether it’s everyday, every other day, in the evenings or at weekends, turn your bookkeeping, creative arts and copywriting skills into hard cash. People Per Hour is a good starting place for anyone interested in this.

4. Use your property

One way you can boost your family’s household income is by taking in a lodger. That spare room down the corridor can fetch you hundreds of tax-free pounds a month. In fact, as of April 2016, the amount you can earn before being taxed under the Government’s Rent a Room scheme was increased from £4,250 to £7,500 a year. That’s an extra £3,250 per year, an extra £270 per month would go a long way we’re sure.

Additionally, there has been a rise in people renting out their parking spaces in areas near city centres, airports, train stations and sports grounds. So why not build your bank balance while you’re out at work all day. For more information on how you can make money from your parking space, visit the Money Expert.


Lottery balls.

As well as trying all of our suggestions to boost your household income, why not play to win? While playing the lottery may seem like a long shot, as the saying goes, “you have to be in it to win it.” In fact, Did you know that when playing the Health Lottery your odds of winning are 1 in 108, a fraction compared to the 1 in 13,983 you have when playing national lotteries (yes, that is 1 in almost 14 million).

That’s a massive difference in both chance and luck, and a step closer toward financial security and peace of mind for the entire family. The Health Lottery also provide a useful guide on how to spend your Health Lottery winnings, our favourite being to invest the money – the smartest route to not only sustain, but increase your family’s financial gain.

Securing your family’s financial future can be a difficult task, but we are confident that our top 5 tips can have a positive and stabilising effect. And with a healthier bank balance comes more disposable income for leisure pursuits the whole family can enjoy, like holidays. Because family time is the most cherished thing of all.