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About City Tax Direct

Since its establishment, the City Tax Direct Company has grown enormously and positioned itself at the very heart of the local business community. Driven by its CEO, Jeffrey Harrison, the company has grown quickly and continues to offer top tax advisory and accountancy services to countless businesses. The company’s mission is to provide its clients with top quality financial advice, superior accountancy services and excellent taxation advice. Current clients have come to expect and value Jeffrey’s strong focus on financial growth and have been glad to rely on his invaluable expertise and approachable manner. All services are tailored to the clients’ needs and aimed at supporting the organic growth of each client’s business. Financial gain and profitability for clients are the top priorities with outstanding customer service provision coming a close second.

Prior to the establishment of the City Tax Direct, Jeffrey was employed as an accountant at a local firm and spent his years there gaining in-depth knowledge and expertise in financial, accountancy and taxation matters. Furthermore, Jeffrey perfected his customer relation skills and carefully studied and monitored all developments in banking, financial service provision, taxation, corporate law and stock market investment.

His drive and ambition soon led him to spread his wings and set up his own accountancy and tax advisory firm. Thanks to his excellent reputation as a top accountant, the many business connections he had created over the years and his second-to-none knowledge and expertise, Jeffrey was in a position to quickly develop the City Tax Direct Company into a sizeable, well respected small firm.

Going out on his own and leaving a good, steady job behind is always a big step and the first two years in business were challenging. Building up a steady flow of work and getting sufficient clients takes a lot of hard work and tenacity, but Jeffrey had sufficient drive and ambition to persevere through the challenges faced by all startups. Careful and intelligent planning as well as a smart growth strategy allowed Jeffrey to succeed and the previously made contacts in the business community soon allowed the City Tax Direct to become an integral part of the local business network. Work and contracts started flooding in and soon Jeffrey recognized the need to employ staff. Within a relatively short space of time, Jeffrey went from employing one person to providing employment to no less than 27 people. Delighted to be providing jobs, Jeffrey vowed to grow and develop the City Tax Direct Company further and, together with his team, he continually strives to improve the services provided.

Today, the City Tax Direct Company focuses on helping businesses grow and prosper. When a company approaches City Tax Direct, Jeffrey and his team carefully examine and analyze the client’s business activity, taxation profile, position in the market, financial status, growth prospects and possible weaknesses. The information gathered is then discussed with the client and Jeffrey and his team create a profitability plan for the client. Collaboration with the client is a top priority and all aspects in need of consideration are discussed on a continual basis. City Tax Direct provides ongoing business and taxation support to its clients rather than just focusing on completing tax returns once a year.

The ultimate goal is to maximize the potential of each business, implement cost savings and achieve optimum profitability.

With this website, the City Tax Direct Company hopes to further expand its services by furnishing new and existing clients with useful information on banking, taxation and business growth. Jeffrey strongly feels that knowledge and insight are key to success. Clients can access customer care around the clock and those seeking accountancy and tax advisory services will be able to find out about the work of the City Tax Direct Company, the services provided, get in touch or make use of the useful tips published on the website. Additionally, the site is designed as a networking tool for the business community near and far as Jeffrey strongly believes that businesses ought to be in support of each other.

Lastly, through the company blog, Jeffrey hopes to enlighten readers with interesting facts and useful tips on all matters financial. Posts will be of benefit to businesses large and small or indeed to sole traders.

The City Tax Direct Company believes in business growth and profitability and hopes to contribute to a thriving economy and help others to do likewise.