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Our website and blog enjoy a sizeable readership, a staggering 13’000 unique visitors frequent our site on a monthly basis and this number is set to grow further. Because of the quality of the site and the informative content published, readers continually access our services and advice. Our strong online presence has rewarded us with company growth and many of our readers have become our clients. For some time now, we have been in a position to make advertising space available to businesses offering services or products relevant to our work. Right from the start, we have been continually approached by a variety of companies wishing to advertise on our site. These businesses have recognized the influence of our online presence, the trust of our faithful readers and the valuable exposure sponsors enjoy.

As a relatively small business, we are conscious of the importance of spending an advertising budget with caution and in the most effective manner. With our services, we prioritize the growth and profitability of your clients’ businesses and equally, we strongly focus on sponsors making a financial gain when advertising with us. We have therefore perfected our sponsorship deals and advertising packages to ensure that all sponsors see a sizeable return on their advertising investment.

From Concept to Sponsorship

When we are approached by potential sponsors, we first and foremost inform ourselves fully about the products and services the business provides. Only businesses that can contribute to the content of our website in a meaningful manner will be offered advertising space, because we treasure our credibility and the trust of our readers. Once it has been established, that the products or services provided by the potential sponsor fit in with our work, we initiate the sponsorship process.

The first step is to define the goals and objectives of our new sponsors and that is followed by the creation of a sponsorship concept. This concept is designed with the sponsor’s needs as well as targets in mind. The design and placement of the advertisement are then determined and the timing decided upon. Some of our sponsors have made of previously used ads while others have relied on our expertise for the design of a new ad. As soon as the advertisement goes live, our system and sponsor support team start collecting website data in an effort to monitor activity on the site, count website and ad clicks and determine how many readers go on to visit our sponsor’s website. After a certain predetermined period of time, we check in with our sponsor to find out what effect the ad has had on the day-to-day business activity. In most cases, our sponsors are surprised to have been contacted and visited by many new customers. If the sponsor reports no increase in business activity, we reevaluate the sponsorship concept and make the necessary changes.

Throughout the entire process, our focus lies in achieving an increase in revenue for our sponsors.

What You Can Gain as One of Our Sponsors

There is much to gain from becoming one of our sponsors. Advertising with us is different from commonly known concepts and here is why you should consider becoming one of our sponsors:

  • Easy Access to Focused Target Group: Sponsors find themselves with easy access to our 13’000 unique monthly readers, all of whom are seeking information on business and financial services and products. Company research suggests that there are practically no random visitors to our site.
  • Enormous Exposure: Your company will enjoy enormous exposure to the many thousand readers who may not have been aware of your products or services. Advertiser feedback indicates that a large part of our readers rely on our sponsors for additional information and use highlighted links to visit our sponsors’ websites.
  • Smart and Result Driven: Our top priority is to see our sponsors make a financial gain from sponsoring the CTD and the entire concept is always smart and result driven.

What to Do Next

If you have any questions regarding advertising and sponsorship, please drop us a line using the form below and if you have already decided to advertise on our website, don’t delay. Within one or two working days we will provide you with a rough outline of the possible concepts and packages and with a quotation. As soon as you give us the go ahead, our work begins and you will see your products or services advertised on our site within a short space of time.