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There‘s so much to consider when buying a car that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. How much can you afford to pay? What safety features are must-haves? Do you really need leather seats? Before you get decision-fatigue from considering all your options, start by asking yourself these four simple questions.
If you’ve finally paid off all your debts and no longer owe any money to anybody, then you’re probably feeling relieved, pleased, and excited about the future. However, if your credit rating has suffered as a result of being in debt, then you will have your work cut out to help rebuild it and put […]
Oftentimes we find ourselves wanting to do everything on our own, especially if we have experience of the matter. It certainly isn’t an impossible task, but the reason why we would hire professionals in the first place is because they minimise the risk of failure. While it’s certainly true that leaving the task to professionals […]
BORROWERS could pay as little as 3.8% in interest for a personal loan in the coming weeks, as rates continue to improve. Last week Sainsbury’s bank announced a new deal of 3.9% APR over three years for those borrowing between £7,500 and £15,000. This followed HSBC’s launch the previous week of a 3.9% deal for […]
Increasing competition is driving growth in the personal loan market, but borrowers are being warned that they may not qualify for the low interest rates that are being advertised.
Credit unions have called on the Central Bank to loosen lending limits for the sector as they announced plans to significantly ramp up mortgage lending.
Santander plans to float its American car loans division on the US stock market, which could value the business at more than $8 billion (£5.3 billion).
The buyout giant KKR has taken a controlling stake in Oodle Finance, an Oxford-based car loan company.
Anyone who has waited in vain on a freezing platform for a Southern rail service this winter will have felt in the mood for a revolution — and one commuter lobby group thinks it has found a way to start one.
Tens of thousands of Southern rail commuters could be in line for compensation from their credit card companies after a passenger claimed he had won £2,400 back from American Express for his season ticket.