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If you are starting a new business and you opt to take out a commercial lease for your office, you may think that your premises are fully covered by your landlord. Landlords in the UK are obliged to insure the building against common events such as fires, flooding, and other ‘acts of God’, yet their obligation does […]
Shop Insurance Canada, an auto insurance authority has persuaded the city of Toronto to utilize wisely investments in road safety. The “Vision Zero Road Safety Plan” is heartwarming and encouraging, but the correct changes must be implemented to bring genuine reform and also save the lives of pedestriansand other road users. Toronto has made known […]
A lack of information means parents are overpaying to add children to their policies.
The FBI is seeking to block the payment of $5 million in life insurance taken out by Irish travellers on a woman murdered in Texas in 2014.
It is the curse of unintended consequence. The latest round in the scrap between the lawyers and the insurers over the collapse of Setanta Insurance unfolded last week in the Supreme Court. Setanta, a Malta-regulated white-van insurer, collapsed in the spring of 2014, leaving thousands of tradesmen here uninsured.