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With many university fees at £9,000 a year, higher education in the UK can be a frightening financial prospect. It is all too easy to build up huge debts when you are still young and learning your way through life; the average student debt in the UK currently stands at £26,000. So, how can you […]
A survey shows 62 percent of Americans said they need to catch up on their retirement savings. The results also reveal 66 percent of millennials are still behind their retirement savings. Only 30 percent of them said they have started saving or investing early. Several factors hinder younger professionals (ages 23 to 28) to save […]
As a family of travellers we holiday quite frequently. However, increasingly, a number of families around the UK are struggling to keep their financial boats afloat, and for many, there is just too much month left at the end of their money. Not only does this mean that many families can’t afford the luxury of […]
Your WordPress site is up and running, and it’s jam-packed full of relevant, informative, SEO-friendly content. You’ve planned your update schedule and found a niche to fill, but there’s no point having incredible content if people can’t get to it. In today’s fast-paced online environment, webpages visitors on mobile and desktop alike expect efficiency and […]
When you talk to business owners, they are always under an extreme strain of time and cost. Small and medium-sized business owners, the ones whose business is continuous basis, find it hard to manage everything on their own. It becomes exhausting, and there is not enough time in the day to keep up with every […]
Becoming part of a property development Investing your money in property development is risky, but potentially has a huge payoff. With the stock markets as they are, and the interest rates at the bank at an all time low, many people and businesses alike are looking for new ventures to invest their money in. Since […]
Good budgeting is essential for businesses of all sizes. Without proper budgetary structure, your business will struggle to survive and is unlikely to expand and grow organically. To facilitate growth and expansion, most businesses try to strike a balance between investing in such growth and curtailing expenses. Particularly when it comes to budgeting for travel […]
Despite major advancements in computer gaming technology, slot games are still among the favorite online gambling games. The simplicity, speed of play, and sense of nostalgia have maintained the warm status slot games enjoy in the hearts of the millions of players all over the world. Game developers have continually come up with new slot […]
The President of the United States this week admitted that despite his great wealth, he is careful with his money. Following the leader of the free world in taking a similarly thrifty approach, we invited some financial experts to share some examples of their won penny-saving ways.