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From Employee to Entrepreneur

There are a few decisive reasons why someone in a good, well-paid job with ample responsibility and status, would just throw it all away and start their own business, I know, I am one of them and on my journey as an entrepreneur I have met many men and women who had similar experiences.

Picture this: You have been working for your company for a long number of years, enjoy the respect of your boss, your clients, and co-workers, you bring home a sizeable wage packet each week and yet, you just don’t feel quite fulfilled. “But why?”, I hear you ask, why indeed did I leave it all behind and start my own business?

No Room to Grow

It is only now, after running my own business for quite a number of years that I understand and can identify the underlying frustration I felt on a daily basis. It’s not that I didn’t get on with my boss or colleagues or that I was sick of the job, nor had I anything to complain about when it came to working conditions or remuneration, no, that wasn’t the problem. The frustration was rooted in the inability to grow as a professional, to make really important decisions, to shoulder serious responsibility, to be in charge, and to work with a team of my own. Maybe I just wanted to be the top dog and maybe I just knew I had learned as much as I could and felt that I was ultimately just going to wither and die. I knew all that at the time, just didn’t know how to define my frustration.

I have seen the same happen to so many people and many of them have just accepted their lot and continued on despite their underlying misery.

But I am not like that, I wouldn’t be able to just put up and shut up. The ambitious and maybe the creative and adventurous side of me spurned me on, pushed, and pushed until I gave in and allowed the idea of becoming an entrepreneur to take root and grow. Having come to the conclusion that I couldn’t develop professionally any further, I had two options: update my resume by seeking the help of a professional resume writer and look for a new job or start my own business. Once I had decided to leave my comfortable job, there was no way I was going to join another firm and potentially encounter the same difficulties. For me, the only way was to go it alone and as I am sitting in my very own office, feet up on my desk, it is most certainly one of the best decisions I have ever made.

The Beauty of Being an Entrepreneur

When you pursue a dream, occasionally the thought crosses your mind that maybe the reality of your dream will disappoint. In my case, nothing could be further from the truth. Being an entrepreneur and running my own business is endlessly rewarding, forever challenging, and most definitely never dull. But having the right mindset can help you grow anywhere. As mentioned in the blog pages of Hansen Beck, if we believe in our growth, we can grow and develop our skills. I think I believe in myself, and now I get to create, strategize, make vital decisions, and challenge myself and others with confidence. I also lead and support a team, develop and improve my business and use all of my drive and ambition to build the best little company that ever existed.

While the first two years were challenging and money was sometimes in short supply, the subsequent years have been a true blessing. I have built upon skills that I never knew I had, and I have gained qualities that I never thought possible, thanks to Business Executive Coaching and similar programs that helped me unlock my potential. Running your own business is all about overcoming challenges, and that is definitely something that I have learned.

For example, one of the obstacles that I had to overcome was looking for relevant insurance. I know, it sounds easy, right? Believe me, it wasn’t. Luckily, I had great people around me and they pointed me in the direction of somewhere like Thimble and their business owners’ policy insurance (https://www.thimble.com/business-owners-policy) and now I have all the insurance I need to operate my business in the best possible fashion. It was hard, but I was so proud when I had finally overcome this issue. Anyone toying with the idea of starting a business must know that it is far more rewarding than I ever imagined. I most certainly underestimated what a creative process of starting a business is and I never expected to be able to pour all of my drive and ambition into my company’s growth and development.

No More Frustration, Just Growth

My frustration has disappeared and I discover new areas of potential growth each day. I enjoy being in charge and I love serving my very own clients and doing my very best for them. Working for yourself may not give you a steady wage packet right from the off, but it is extremely rewarding. I can grow professionally any way I choose, can get my teeth into the serious task of running a profitable business, can be in charge of others and instruct and teach them to do likewise.

To those who know what I am talking about, but haven’t taken the decision to go from employee to entrepreneur, I say, do it and do it right now!