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How has Manchester Landed the Top Spot as the UK’s Most Liveable City

Manchester has retained its glory as it is announced the UK’s most liveable city and the fastest rising European city in the Economist’s Global Liveability Index. The city has far exceeded the capital as London trails behind in 48th place, beating cities like Washington DC and Reykjavik. The annual report published by the Economist Intelligence Unit ranks 140 cities in the world on a multiple of factors, these include healthcare, culture and environment, education, infrastructure and stability.

Alongside Paris, Manchester performed as the fastest rising city in the index, rising 16 places to 35th, tied with Hong Kong. Since the survey began in the 1990s, this is the furthest gap created between London and Manchester, even considering Manchester’s decline since the unfortunate Manchester Arena attack.

The Economist Intelligence unit stated that Manchester’s improved score was as a result of improved security, and suggested the city offers “marginally fewer obstacles to people’s lifestyle, and the threat of terrorism and petty crime are lower” compared to the capital. London slipped down the rankings due to higher levels of crime, congestion and public transport problems.

Manchester scored high on the numerous assessed factors, with an overall score of 91.3. Its lowest score came from infrastructure at 85.7, however it is evident that the city has already began to address this score as the mayor and city council announce multiple regeneration initiatives across the city. Double trams, light rail network systems, new cycle lanes and walking routes have been devised in a bid to tackle congestion issues and enhance Manchester’s existing infrastructure.

Presenting a more positive score is the healthcare and education sector which scored 91.7, alongside an improved 90.0 for stability and a staggering 96.5 for culture and environment, securing the city as one of the most culturally rich and diverse cities in the world. Manchester’s musical greats, world class sports teams and determined business ventures have acted as a catalyst for its accelerated growth over recent years.

Globally, it was Austria’s capital of Vienna that was ranked the most liveable city, closely followed by Melbourne. Evidently, safety seems to heavily influence the rankings, as Vienna is lauded one of the safest cities in Europe.

Besides from unbeatable resilience and security advancements across the city, there are immense reasons that ensure Manchester is the most liveable city in the UK. Vast regeneration projects have ambitious and determined views in revolutionising the city, and through these initiatives brings a heightened opportunity for investment, both inward and outward. Diverse and vibrant culture has been fundamental in shaping the city for the forthcoming years, with the Northern Powerhouse strategy at the heart of the renaissance.

Manchester’s accolades are growing, and the northern hotspot is being increasingly recognised on a global stage gaining recognition from overseas investors as well as those based in the UK. Considering Manchester for buy to let is an investment choice worth your while and RW Invest property specialists, based in Liverpool, offer a diverse array of investment opportunities to make the most of. New developments across Manchester provide the city with modern chic apartments keen to house the cities ever expanding population.