Welcome to City Tax Direct. We're a small team of London based Tax Accountants who are here to help your business thrive. We take the headache out of your tax returns allowing you to do what you do best. Business.
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How We Can Help You

Someone told me once that if your accountant doesn’t make you more money than he charges you, he is doing something wrong and I would tend to agree with that statement. Our goal has always been to seek out and harness the full potential of every business we are privileged to serve and ensure that each business ultimately gains from hiring us, not just in terms of support but also when it comes to profitability. We aim to serve our clients to the very best of our ability and strive to facilitate the growth and expansion of our clients’ businesses.

Listening to our clients as well as identifying their needs and requirements is also a top priority and we recognize the uniqueness of each enterprise. Support services are tailored to each client’s specific situation and with that at the forefront our minds, we specialise in the following areas:

  • Taxation: Like it or not, taxation is every business’ duty and we know the enormity of the work and costs involved. While striving for compliance, we also identify possible savings and inform our clients of tax incentive schemes and breaks available. Those finding themselves having to undergo a tax audit can rely on us to provide support throughout, assist with tax queries and make the entire process just that bit easier. While some of our clients hire us to look after their taxation matters on an ongoing basis and to fill out whatever forms and returns necessary, others just rely on us to assist them with self-assessments. Whatever tax issues you may face, we will deal with them!
  • Growth and Profitability: We have worked with many businesses that were doing rather well but felt that they could expand and become more profitable. In such cases, we take an in-depth look at the day-to-day operation of the company, identify areas where costs could be saved and suggest ways of increasing profits. Helping clients make more money is one of the things we do best.
  • Startups: Having established the City Tax Direct Company from scratch, Jeffrey has always had a fondness for startups and loves supporting new ventures. We have even help individuals who were merely considering going into business and we have supported many throughout the startup phase.
  • Pensions and Investments: Those wishing to gain value out of savings can have City Tax Direct advise them on pensions and investments. We believe that your money should be working for you and are more than happy to show you how.
  • Personal Finance: We are also happy to serve individuals and help them with their personal finances. There are lots of ways in which we can help individuals improve their financial status.
  • Business Support and Consultancy: Many of our clients hire us for ongoing support and we are happy to make ourselves available on a continual basis. Businesses with such strong support enjoy having a team by their side that is always monitoring business activity and suggesting areas of improvement.
  • Struggling Companies: We have also stepped in when companies were struggling to survive and in many cases we have been able to return the company to profitability and ensure its survival. Many businesses struggle at times, but we have found that a few simple measures can save a company.

There is no job too big or too small for the City Tax Direct Company and most of our clients will tell you that hiring us was one of the smartest moves they have ever made. Do check out our services on our website, drop us a line or give us a call, we would be delighted to welcome you into the circle of our clients!