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How Your Business Should Handle a Bomb Threat

While the vast majority of bomb threats are simply hoaxes that are designed to cause panic and alarm, there are sometimes real instances of a bomb threat and you should always ensure that you are prepared for these. While a phone call used to be the main communication for a bomb threat, it is now becoming more and more common for these to be sent by email or through social media. In any case, you must be prepared to react immediately to protect the lives of you, your staff and your customers.

Any member of staff that has a telephone, mobile, tablet or computer could potentially receive a bomb threat and so all staff should be aware of what to do as the first response to a threat. Depending on how a bomb threat is made will inform how you should react to the situation.

What to Do If A Threat is Made by Phone

If you receive a phone call threatening your business or place of work with a bomb, the first thing that you must always do is remember to stay calm and listen carefully. You can find online government checklists that you should always have easy access to as these will provide you with the key information and checklist that you need and that you should record. If you can, you should then alert another member of staff to call the emergency services, while you try and keep the caller on the phone. Make sure to note the number of the caller if you can or if it is a recorded message, write down as much of the message as you can remember. Furthermore, if the message is a text, save it for the police to view later. All members of staff should also know who exactly in the organisation should be contacted if a threat to the business is made. 

What to Do If A Threat Is Delivered Face to Face

If a bomb threat is made face to face, the main thing that you will need to try and do is remember as many distinctive characteristics of the person making the threat as you possibly can. This information will be important to the police when they arrive on scene.

What to Do If A Threat Is Received in a Letter

If a bomb threat is made to your business in a letter, this is now classed as police evidence and you will need to ensure that it is kept in a safe place. Do not let others touch the letter, as this could affect the investigation.

What to Do If A Threat is Made in An Email or Social Media

This method is becoming more and more common and you should ensure that the message is kept safe and you don’t reply to it. Take a note of the message details and username and preserve all web log files.

To ensure that you are 100% prepared for a bomb threat situation, we would recommend getting advice from security risk assessors as they can analyse the situation in more detail, can help you to plan the best course of action for your business and can even be on standby should this type of situation occur.


Image: Pixabay