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Marketing tips for your growing business

When your business is young and just starting to grow, marketing is particularly challenging. You may be doing it for the first time and have a lot to learn. You’ll have to develop your brand and get people to notice you for the first time, yet you’ll also have to be careful not to generate more demand than you can meet. How can you balance all these different concerns? These tips will help.

Be brand-conscious

If your company is successful, then the most valuable thing that you own will be your brand. It’s never too early to start work on this, and good design developed at an early stage will become a powerful asset. Take the time to design a really good logo, choose strong signature colours and develop a clear sense of the mission and personality behind your brand. Establish your values and develop the visual and written styles that you want to speak for you.

Develop your website

Your website is your front office. It has to represent your company and give visitors all the information they need to engage with you, so it’s worth a serious investment of your time. Pay particular attention to your landing page, which should direct people into your sales funnel, and your “About Us” page, which is key to your brand. You can try an explainer video maker for free to develop great content for this page. In most circumstances, video is far more effective than text alone. Videos catch the eyes of your customer and in some cases, lead to sales and enquiries. A couple of simple Explainer Videos will be effective on any website to attract customers attention.

Do your research

The only way that you’re going to reach out to customers effectively is if you understand them, and this is never more important than during the early stages of business growth, when you really can’t afford to waste resources. At this stage, you should focus your market research on identifying niche groups with a particular appetite for products and services like yours. Find out where you can best communicate with them and what they want to hear.

Be a social media realist

In a young business, it’s tempting to try to establish yourself on every social media platform available – don’t. There’s no way that you can keep up with them all, and poor or irregular communication can damage your reputation. Instead, pick one or two that particularly suit your brand and schedule the time to post there frequently. If you are picking Tiktok, make sure the account is maintained well. You can buy Tiktok likes and followers to improve audience engagement with your brand and thus increase business. Use them to promote a blog that draws people back to your website, and take the time to respond to comments, which really boosts customer loyalty.

Pay attention to your metrics

As your marketing strategy develops, you’ll need to know what works and what doesn’t, so it’s vital that you pay serious attention to your marketing metrics. Social media is a big help with this as you can see how many people view and respond (in different ways) to different posts. As you begin more specific placement of adverts, you need to track any shifts in your pattern of sales to see if they’re effective. Only by paying attention to feedback like this can you refine your marketing.

All this may seem like a lot to get the hang of, but if you work hard and pay attention, you’ll soon get to grips with it. Your company will reap the rewards.