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So, you have a business – and whether you’ve been running it for decades or have only been a business owner for a year or so, you’ve decided that it’s time to sell it and move on. But selling your business is a complicated endeavour, and it involves a lot of thinking and planning. Bear […]
You may be aware of the recent Carillion crisis and the major implications raised by the collapse of this construction giant. With Carillion owing up to 30,000 businesses around 1bn in unpaid costs, this is inevitably having a devastating effect on smaller businesses who are facing a greater risk of financial ruin. So how can […]
With life expectancy increasing year by year, people are experiencing longer retirement periods. As a result, their pension pots need to be robust and healthy to manage this longer lifespan and any unforeseen events. Below we have shared 6 tips to help keep your pension pot healthy for the long term.
As a family of travellers we holiday quite frequently. However, increasingly, a number of families around the UK are struggling to keep their financial boats afloat, and for many, there is just too much month left at the end of their money. Not only does this mean that many families can’t afford the luxury of […]
Operating a business is no walk in the park. It requires proper management in order to operate smoothly. Profits should also cover all the overhead costs and other business expenses incurred. Otherwise, there is no reason to continue the venture.
There‘s so much to consider when buying a car that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. How much can you afford to pay? What safety features are must-haves? Do you really need leather seats? Before you get decision-fatigue from considering all your options, start by asking yourself these four simple questions.
Well to start with anyone who thought that they could purchase a bitcoin wallet among the leather goods in your favorite department store certainly hasn’t been keeping up to date with the news, especially in the financial sector where at the same time as Bitcoins hit a record of $19,000 for each coin, eminent authorities […]
Disclaimer: The following information presented in this article only serves as general guidance concerning the legal nature of having a business lawsuit. However, the same should not be taken as actual legal advice regarding the subject matter. To get the appropriate legal advice for your situation, speak to a licensed attorney in your state now.
The courts of law in UK are in charge with issuing the confiscation orders for offenders who are found guilty of crimes and need to pay in accordance. In other words, this is the legal option for recovering the assets, where the prosecution in UK plays a major role in the proceedings. Recuperating the assets […]
Today, every business owner is thinking of ways to save money by getting cheaper prices from suppliers. But wait! Is price the only factor you should consider when choosing a supplier? There are other numerous factors that you should consider to ensure a robust supply chain.