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Sending Parcels to Russia Takes Some Important Steps Now

In the work of each master comes the long-awaited moment, when all the efforts for manufacturing are behind and it remains only to send the product to the buyer.

In the work of every craftsman who makes things to order, the moment when all the hassle of making a product is left behind and awaits delivery to the buyer is long awaited. There is nothing worse than the situation when the customer receives a long-awaited parcel and finds a vase with chips, torn beads or a frame with broken glass. The useful tips will help ensure the safety of handmade products, as well as avoid unnecessary claims from the buyer. For the Parcel delivery to Russia the following steps are important:

The first Step

Wrap the product in a film with air pimples in 3-5 folds before packing in a box. This material is recommended by many craftsmen for the packaging of fragile glass and ceramic products, and is also ideal for protecting against scratching of photo frames, books or paintings.

Step 2

Choose the right packaging for your products from brittle materials such as glass, porcelain or polymer clay. If there is a need for a beautiful and original package, put the gift box with the product in a robust packaging for transportation and securely fix it inside, filling the remaining space between the walls with pieces of polystyrene foam.

Step 3

Leave a distance of 1-3 centimeters between the product and the box inside. Then fill the empty space with soft, but form-preserving materials, such as foam rubber or foam balls. The latter, the so-called “corn”, due to its ease will help reduce the cost of sending heavy products.

For packing vases, plates and other ceramic products, it is possible to cut a piece of foam plastic according to the dimensions of the bottom of the box and make a groove for the size of the product. This method will help to protect your fragile items from chips and cracks.

Protect the corners of paintings, frames and books with foam and scotch so that they do not wrinkle or lose their appearance.

Step 4

Bracelets, beads, earrings and other costume jewelry should be placed on a tight cardboard and sewed with a strong thread in several places so that the beads do not touch each other during transportation.

Step 5

Small parts and accessories should be packed separately in a small plastic bag and attached with adhesive tape to the cover of the box. Just do not forget to warn the buyer, otherwise he just might not notice these details in a large box.

Protect your product:

A parcel with declared value is a reliable way to protect your valuable products. In case of loss or deformation of your departure, the operator will reimburse you the amount of the appraised value, and you, in turn, can avoid losses and discontent on the part of the buyer. The courier services know this.