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Submit Your Guest Post – Finance Blog

This website was designed as a contact forum for existing and new clients as well as a place where individuals and businesses can access valuable and educational information regarding business, finance and taxation. We strongly believe in the power of knowledge and know that businesses in possession of insight into these matters and with a deep understanding of the world of business are much more likely to succeed. The more knowledgeable a business owner, employee or staff member is, the more likely she/he is to make good business decisions that will promote company growth.

Over the years, we have educated our clients in matters of taxation, investment, banking, employment provision and many other areas and we have come to understand that sometimes it is just about arming our clients with specialised knowledge to enable them to optimise their services and push for expansion.

On this website we do more than just promote and inform you about our services, we use this space to educate all those with an interest in business matters. This website also features the most current news from the financial sector as well as discussions on topical financial issues.

From the outset, Jeffrey has felt strongly about the need for a City Tax Direct blog, but couldn’t have imagined the impact is has made. The readership has grown quickly and right from the start, website visitors have been engaged in discussions and debates and the City Tax Direct team was inundated with positive feedback, constructive criticism, intelligent comments and invaluable reader contributions. It was clear even during the early days, that the website and the blog would form an important part of City Tax Direct’s work and Jeffrey took the decision to put optimum resources into the creation of a top class website and blog.

In conversation and consultation with his team, clients and readers, Jeffrey has been identifying relevant topics and areas of interest most beneficial to clients and readers. Questions frequently posed by clients would be answered online and on the blog, current financial affairs would form discussion topics and client requests be addressed online. By using this approach the work of the City Tax Direct Company has been extended onto an online platform and made further available. The website and blog activity have been integrated into the everyday running of City Tax Direct services. Customers can therefore avail of the expertise of the City Tax Direct Company both online and off.

In order to further broaden the scope of the area and topics addressed on the website and through the blog, Jeffrey has continually sought contributions from experts. Top consultants, advisors, financial bloggers, colleagues and staff members have all seen guest posts published and readers have greatly benefited from insightful information and thought-provoking contributions.

We would therefore like to invite you to submit your expert guest post and help us in our endeavor to furnish our readers with top class content. Posts can be submitted via the contact form below. The process is straightforward throughout and while we always keep the needs of our readers at the forefront, bloggers and contributors have also gained from submitting and having guest contributions published. Novice bloggers have enjoyed increased readerships and a raised writer’s profile, expert bloggers have further broadened their reach and influence and both have benefited from the publication of their work on an entirely new platform.

For those considering the submission of a guest post, we have listed the areas and topics we like to cover below:

  • Banking System
  • Big Business
  • Credits and Credit Cards
  • Car Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Personal Loans
  • Employee Management
  • Financial News
  • Insurance
  • Investing Tips
  • Money Saving Ideas
  • Small Business
  • Stock Trading
  • Taxes

Guest bloggers usually provide titles for their post and here are some possible titles to inspire you:

  • Getting the Best Return from Savings and Investments
  • How to Write a Business Plan
  • Turning Losses into Profits

How to Submit a Guest Post to the City Tax Direct Company Blog

We advise budding guest bloggers to contact us with a written post, concept or title. You can do so by using the contact form below. On receipt, we will get in touch with you to discuss the publication of your work. Novice bloggers will get ample support throughout the writing process right through to publication. Our editors will ensure that your post is ready for publication, advise you on possibly required changes and inform you of the publication date. On publication, you will be given full credit for your work and we will highlight a link to your website or blog if you so wish. You may also furnish us with a small photograph of yourself and a short bio to go along with your post.

We look forward to reading and publishing your post!