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The Top Reasons Why It’s Best to Rely on a Planning Consultant for Property Development

Whatever property development project you have in mind, you can very well benefit from a planning consultant. And whilst you may be thinking that you no longer need a planning consultant since you already have an architect, think again: a planning consultant can help you acquire the planning permission you need, especially if your project is big and complex, and a planning consultant is also particularly useful if you have been refused planning permission and even your architect cannot give you the reasons why. Here are the top reasons why it’s best to rely on a planning consultant for property development.

Be prepared from the start

A project may involve so many complex factors, and if your building and property development project may require additional research and planning, particularly when it comes to planning permission, then you may well need a planning consultant from the start. While you might plan on finding be-spoke capital solutions from professionals like Lincoln Frost, having a property consultant who can guide you through the property research is also important. If you want to get ahead right away – right from the beginning – and curb any potential issues before they arise, then it would definitely be a good idea to have a planning consultant from the start.

How a planning consultant can be of assistance

Planning consultants are not only there to help you attain planning permission. They have some other purposes, too, and they can give you sound advice on the specific property development details you have in mind. Because of their experience, they can help you with finding the right company to engage, since you will need commercial developers, as well as guide you regarding the best property development decisions to make in the area. This can certainly help you be more confident about your project. If anything needs to be changed, having a planning consultant on board from the outset will go a long way – they can help you avoid costly mistakes, and they serve as an additional professional ear and sounding board for your ideas and overall vision.

When you may need them

Of course, smaller projects may not really require planning consultants, such as projects involving the building of an extension. But for bigger and more complex property development projects, a planning consultant should be on board. Planning consultants are especially useful for investment-based projects where you are hoping to make a profit, and they have proven to be good partners when it comes to new builds or where a building’s use or purpose will be changed. If you’re looking into building mixed-use developments or renewing redundant properties, then you would be wise to hire a consultant that specializes in the kind of work Michael Teys and other veterans like him do.

Whilst smaller issues with planning are often straightforward and can be dealt with by your architect, there are some issues that may require additional arguments regarding planning policy interpretation as well as plans for local developments. Whilst your architect may have knowledge of systems in planning, they are still not specially trained for it and don’t often consider it part of their job description – in other words, they may not want to deal with it or may not be able to deal with its complexities, especially in regard to policies and laws. If there is an argument that relates to how planning law is interpreted, it may be difficult for your architect and even yourself to deal with and decipher the planning officer’s reasoning. This is where a planning consultant will be crucial as well.

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