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Top Ideas on the Most Effective Fonts for Any Banner or Pop Up Stand

When you design a banner, there often isn’t much space for elaborate graphics or great visual content – the design of the roller banner or pull up banner is such that the message needs to be understood quickly, and pictures often get in the way of the true message of the banner. Designers are often tempted to do something quirky when it comes to the fonts or the lettering, just so there’s some spark. Mind you, this may be a mistake. Fonts are important.

There are some fonts that work brilliantly for pull up banners and stands, and there are fonts that simply don’t do the job at all; as a matter of fact, some fonts do more harm than good. Here are some top ideas on the most effective fonts for any pull up banner or pop up stand.

Be bold

The most important aspect of a banner is clarity – and your message needs to be seen and understood from far away. Be bold when it comes to your lettering. This doesn’t mean you have to be shouting your message out in fat, huge letters; it means they have to stand out against the background and have a crisp look. Your fonts should reflect this.

Fonts for large banners

It’s tempting to think that, when you have a lot of space (which is the case with large banners), you can simply put more letters on the canvas – that you can say more. It’s an illusion; don’t do it. Keep your message as simple as possible and have your fonts reflect that. Sans serif is a great choice for this, as is script font if you want to replicate handwriting. Be careful of the latter, however – make sure the message stays clear.

Smaller banners

As with large banners, sans serif will work just fine. The other choice (script font) should be avoided, however, as you may make it hard for the customer to read.

Fonts to avoid

Avoid scribbles and too many curves. Also avoid comic sans ms (once a favorite of many), as it makes you look – well – comical. Last, but certainly not least, avoid shouting by using all capital letters.

Remember: the purpose of banners and pop up stands is to drum up interest and get more sales – it’s not there to look cute or artistic. It’s often tempting to make the fonts livelier than they should be, simply because you want to make an impact, but often that impact that you want is accomplished by keeping it as clear as possible. It’s all about being bold and about being clear. It’s about capturing the attention of the customer. It’s about being able to relate, and have the customer relate to you.

Image attributed to Pixabay.com