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What to do in case of receiving a confiscation order

The courts of law in UK are in charge with issuing the confiscation orders for offenders who are found guilty of crimes and need to pay in accordance. In other words, this is the legal option for recovering the assets, where the prosecution in UK plays a major role in the proceedings. Recuperating the assets in UK is considered extremely important and must respect the provisions of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. A solid defence in this situation is suggested because confiscation orders may involve large amounts of money and related assets.

How prosecutors are involved in the confiscation procedure in UK

Prosecutors in UK need to detect the possible situations in which a financial investigation is necessary to proceed with the confiscation orders. The issue of confiscation orders in UK involves several steps like counseling on the restraint orders and the ways in which are imposed, overseeing and conducting the confiscation investigation in the courts of law, and recovering the assets to conclude the confiscation orders in accordance with the legislation for UK. We mention that confiscation orders may apply to UK criminals with registered assets.

A substantial defence in cases of confiscation orders applied in UK

It is good to know that the courts of law in UK can determine whether a criminal needs to receive a confiscation order or not. The same authorities are in charge with establishing the amount that needs to be paid. Offenders in such cases need to understand that a strong defence is mandatory. A criminal lawyer in UK will first of all analyze the overall case and the verdict imposed, including the reasons why a confiscation order was suggested, agreed and applied by the authorities. Moreover, a restraint order will pretty much depend on the criminal record of the offender. A UK solicitor must deliver complete defence services in order to help the individual protect his or her assets if the confiscation regime is imposed. In this sense, the confiscation order must be comparative with the misconduct for which the offender is accused of.  The realizable asset figure represents the available amount, or in other words, the real money which can be paid by the offender who received a confiscation order. Such details must be known by the criminal solicitor who deals with the case, in order to prepare the case in front of the authorities.