Welcome to City Tax Direct. We're a small team of London based Tax Accountants who are here to help your business thrive. We take the headache out of your tax returns allowing you to do what you do best. Business.
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    From the very outset, Jeffrey has made sure that clients can easily access his services and that City Tax Direct is readily contactable in an effort to optimize the quality of the City Tax Direct customer service. From his experience as an accountant, he was aware of the need for a solid, continuously available support structure for clients. Since undergoing the startup process himself, this recognition has been deepened and the City Tax Direct Company now views continued business consultancy and support as the primary objective of its work.

    By identifying and defining the needs of each client, City Tax Direct endeavors to create a tailor made accountancy support structure. We are aware of the decisive difference in requirements each client presents, and we therefore carefully choose the type of support we provide to each of our clients rather than offering standard accountancy services. Naturally, this approach is also applied in our tax advisory services.

    Contacting City Tax Direct is easy, please use the contact from you will find below.

    Who Should Contact City Tax Direct

    We have been looking after a wide variety of individuals and businesses in various sectors such as:

    • Retailers and Wholesalers
    • Service Providers
    • Manufacturers
    • Self-Employed
    • Tradesmen
    • Financial and Insurance Companies
    • Farmers
    • Construction Companies
    • Hospitality Industry
    • Voluntary Organisations
    • Clubs
    • Startups
    • Investment Companies

    Each sector presents its own set of structures and challenges and City Tax Direct applies its expertise in an effort to furnish top quality support to each business.

    Why You Should Contact the City Tax Direct Company

    Our top priority is to help our clients run profitable businesses by providing solid and sensible advice, highlighting cost saving measures as well as supporting increased profitability. Our areas of expertise include:

    • Tax Compliance
    • Tax Incentive Schemes
    • Tax Audits
    • Tax Returns
    • Employment and Salaries
    • Business Consultancy & Strategy
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Pensions
    • Investments
    • Stocks and Bonds
    • Ongoing Business Support

    We specialise in all of the above areas and are continually accepting new clients. This is how contacting us could benefit you and your business:

    • Taxation Experts: With our in-depth knowledge of the taxation system and related legislation, we can not only support you in your efforts for compliance, but also ensure that you avail of tax incentive schemes and make savings where possible. We have also supported many of our clients through tax audit procedures and ensured the smooth running thereof. Different levels of taxation support are available, from continued submission of returns to just supervising and approving self-assessments.
    • Continued Support: Our clients know that we are available on a daily basis and like to support the everyday running of their business. We continually monitor business activity, costs and earnings and make sure that each business is enjoying healthy growth and expansion. We always look for ways to optimize profitability for our clients and this approach has been much lauded by all our clients.
    • Networking: The City Tax Direct Company strongly believes in the value of networking and is always open to a possible collaboration. We have links to numerous other businesses and if you would like to become a part of this growing network, please get in touch. Businesses must rely on each other for services and support and individuals can exchange invaluable information. The entire City Tax Direct team values the knowledge and expertise of others and hopes for continued learning.
    • Service Promotion: We would also like to hear from you if you provide services that would assist our own business activity. Those with in-depth areas of expertise are invited to get in touch and make us aware of their services. Through this website as well as within the business network the City Tax Direct will gladly support promotional efforts.
    • Collaboration: If you can envisage a possible collaboration between the City Tax Direct Company and your own business, feel free to get in touch and run your ideas by us. Working with other businesses has been proven to be highly beneficial to both.

    We, at the City Tax Direct Company like to hear from you! Please contact us with any query by using the contact form below. Existing clients will know that we are always there to help and support our clients and we urge them to contact us in relation to just about anything too!